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The opinion about the new gastronomic project arose during one of my travels to Latin America. In the capital of Uruguay - Montevideo, on the terrace of one of your favorite restaurants, you thought - the correct, perhaps, the best meat in the world, and you can eat so much of it like in no other place on Earth. There is magic in this: an atmosphere of freedom and wide space, bright fresh natural colors, a complete lack of pomp and glamor, balance, relaxedness, the opportunity to feel the real taste of life. Meat with a breathtaking smell of fire and fragrant smoke was not just a dish, but a real ritual that, at least for a moment, made you forget about the speed of life, vanity, problems and allowed you to be yourself. Perhaps that is why asado a la parilla has become a delight, a gastronomic event that has conquered the whole world.

Outdoors, with a glass of wine, I watch the asado being prepared. It is impossible to tear yourself away from this sight. The freshness of the different types of meat and vegetables is impressive! Live sauces, only from natural ingredients. And what a clever spice game! They, like the necessary notes, adding their tonality, create not only a general magical sound of taste, but also have a beneficial effect on our body: oregano, with an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, helps the digestive organs work, ginger and garlic support the immune system, pepper strengthens blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, normalizes cholesterol levels. It seemed "by eye" clear products and their combination, and nevertheless, "on the taste" cause incredible, sincere and unexpected emotional sensations. I want to continue this gastronomic atmosphere non-stop, as well as the endless promenade of Montevideo, which does not press, does not annoy, where everything is democratic, but dignified and cool. This atmosphere is energizing, it says: "There is no mentoring, there is only you, Asado and an atmosphere of incredible aesthetic pleasure"

All this action bewitches, with invisible threads weaves you into a cozy warm aura, which becomes part of the meanings of your life philosophy. This is the preface of the emergence of the idea of ​​a new gastronomic project, which resulted in a desire to transfer the atmosphere of the Uruguayan asado in Ukraine, to share it with friends and all compatriots.